'Why Mimi?' And why 'By the Sea?'

Photo credit - Photos By Marty (www.photosbymarty.com)

Mimi by the Sea Owner Maeve-ann Hanlon combines a passion and appreciation for local craft and art with a love for quirky homeware in a shop with a name inspired by her Granny Mona, the original Mimi.

Mimi, a term used for Grandmother can also mean Lady of the Sea. Maeve-ann, who lives in Castlewellan, uses her experience of living, working and travelling the world to shape the gift and home choices on offer.

With a love for the Mourne area, being located up near the harbour on south promenade, with water views, was everything for Mimi by the Sea.

Mimi by the Sea are excited to build their local craft and art portfolio into 2021 and work collaboratively with new suppliers.  Building customer loyalty and a customised shopping experience is at the heart of Mimis values.
Maeve-ann enjoys trying to find the right fit for Mimis customers.