Your feedback and support shapes us

Your feedback and support shapes us

July was a busy month for us at Mimi by the Sea and we are grateful for you, our customers, in supporting us on this journey, into August and our first birthday.

What makes every day special is the stories you share and your feedback, it keeps us going and wanting to share the best with you.

Some memorable moments from August were:

The Artist and customer who said the shop was the best and perhaps only significant thing that happened in a strange year;

An old school chum who popped in to say her husband had bought her a kiln and she was going to start creating her own pottery. 

The creator of the Newcastle Widows Row Facebook page, whose heart resides in the harbour area of Newcastle and we now have his story and poetry books on the way to our shelves. 

The local ladies and day trippers who haven’t ventured to this part of town in more than a year and are discovering us for the first time. 

The mother who purchased a Mourne Way Apparel pink running t-shirt to bring a bit of home to her daughter who lives in Canada.

The questions about products we might not have just yet and the acknowledgement on the new carefully created and selected products with more on the way.

The connections with fabulous new suppliers who have their own amazing stories, such as the 19 year old entrepreneur and creator who sells in 30 retail outlets worldwide, lives just up the road and knew when she drove past and noticed us for the first time that she had to have her products with us.

Some days we pinch ourselves, as it is a privilege to showcase and represent artisan products and pass them onto you when you appreciate the time, effort and thought that went into their creation.

We are Mimi by the Sea: Gift, Home, Dream.  For gifts, for home and supporting creatives. 

There are just 7 days left to make the most of our birthday celebration discount Code MIMI15 for online shopping and when you call in spot whats new.

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