Your creative dreams are important

Your creative dreams are important

Mimi by the Sea: Gift – Home – Dream

When I created Mimi by the Sea last summer I knew that the word dream had to be written under the sign as I wanted the shop to support others in achieving their dreams.  I’ve had an interest in artisan and curated craft and art for the best part of 20 years.  When I travelled I always looked for items that were lovingly created and might give me a feeling of home. 

I still have those items today one of my favourites being a beautifully embossed ceramic oil burner that I bought in Byron Bay, Australia 21 years ago!  When I felt a little homesick a picture of the Mountains of Mourne were my comfort and I get a lot of customers today who purchase prints and cards to send to family members around the world who need a reminder of the beautiful area in which we live.

Mimi is a term used for grandmother and I named the shop with my granny Mona in mind, she loved days out by the sea and Tyrella Beach and Newcastle were her favourite spots.  She was a supportive and inspiring person and encouraged everyone to do the things that they wanted to do, a real ‘get things done’ type of person and I hope I have taken some inspiration from those great qualities in her.

How our dreams can help our mental health

Looking after your mental health is really important and I have had some customers this week who have chatted to me about how worried they are about friends and family members who have got used to staying indoors and a fear of the outside world again.  Connecting with nature and the great outdoors is one thing we have all been able to lean on over this last year or so and as a big fan of the outdoors, I appreciate now more than ever the beauty of the Mourne area.

One of the most positive things I have observed and that excites me for Mimi customers is that creation is at an all time high and I have been following some lovely artists, crafters and creators who like myself might never have started something new only for the last year.  Their creativeness has come alive and their talents are being expressed in lovely items for your home or to share with loved ones.


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You can purchase from Mimi by the Sea both in store and online and for the most up to date news on crafters, creators and artists and all that might be happening.


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