Reflection on the one year since Reopening

Today is the one year anniversary of retail reopening after a 4 month closure during the height of the pandemic. I remember that day well, I had to remind myself how to use the till, card machine and talk to customers 🙈 it's funny how quickly you can forget things when you're out of practice.

I was open just over 4 months before that closure but its important to reflect and appreciate how far we've come and the amount of positive change in that time.
I have been supported by much customer and creator loyalty and for that I am very grateful 🙏

Its hard to put into words what it's like to shop here a lot of feedback I get is that it's a memorable experience and I am grateful for all the word of mouth recommendations and repeat custom.

Last month I wrote on the wall in the office
"Remember to acknowledge those who support you"
as I think I felt like I couldn't get to communicating my thanks as much as I would like as I was juggling it all.

Over the next few weeks we'll be adding some new faces and creators to Mimi by the Sea 🌊 there will be events, competitions and workshops and I'm delighted with how much you are enjoying our Little Lighthouse, Wild Atlantic Surf Company and Tickets Please NI products.

For those of you finding the last couple of years hazy as I said to the chap in this morning to the question, 'how long are you open?' Pretend it was yesterday it will keep me on my toes 🤩


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